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Electric Department

Pete Kane, Electric Department Supervisor

Matt Burk, Electric Collector
732-793-7477 Option #3
Contact the Collector

Mailing Address: Lavallette Electric
1306 Grand Central Avenue
Lavallette, NJ 08735

Billing Department Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm.
Located in the Municipal Building

To report power loss or for service, contact Public Works 732-793-7766 Monday - Friday 7am-3pm
After hours to report power loss, contact The Lavallette Police Department 732-793-4800

For permits or electrical inspections please contact the Building Department 732-793-5105

NJ 811

Navigation Bullet Current Electric Billing Due Date

Due and Auto Pay Date : Due July 1, 2024

Billing Period 5/1/24 Through 5/31/24

Make Remittance To:

Borough of Lavallette Electric
1306 Grand Central Avenue
Lavallette, NJ 08735

Navigation Bullet Electric Rates

Schedule of rates per billing unit

October 1st - May 31st
Base Rate Residential: $19.75
Residential $0.11550 /KWH
Residential Total Electric (0-300 KWH/MO)  $0.11550 /KWH
(Over 300KWH/MO)  $0.11175 /KWH
Base Rate General Service $29.75
General Service $0.13050 /KWH
June 1st- September 30th
Base Rate Residential: $19.75
Residential $0.14250 /KWH
Residential Total Electric $0.14250 /KWH
Base Rate General Service $29.75
General Service $0.15750 /KWH
If bill not paid by due date, interest at 18% per annum. Services in arrears over 30 days are subject to termination.
Remittance Address: Borough of Lavallette
Electric Utility
1306 Grand Central Avenue
Lavallette, NJ 08735
Electric Rates and Regulations Ordinance See Chapter 24
Borough of Lavallette Online Code BookExternal Link


Navigation Bullet Common Fees

Meter Installation
There shall be a charge of $100 for a temporary installation.
There shall be a charge of $250 for any permanent meter installation on any building or structure.
There shall be a charge of $295 for any Solar Meter.

Whenever electric service to any user is disconnected for nonpayment of rates and service charges or at the request of the user, a fee of $100 shall be imposed for the reinstallation of service.

Meter Test Fee
If the meter is determined to be inaccurately recording use of the kilowatt hours of usage, the rate or charge shall be adjusted: provided, however, that the maximum adjustment shall be for one year's average rates or charges. If the meter is found to be recording correctly, the user shall pay a test fee of $50.
Meter Test Request From Pdf File


Navigation Bullet Attention Online Banking Users

Please make sure account information is accurate We are transitioning to receiving Online Banking payments electronically.

Online Banking must include Account Number and Utility you are paying.
Payments lacking the proper identification may be returned. Payments must include any dashes or zeros. If you are paying more than one account through bill pay send them as two separate payments with the proper account number for each account.

Make Remittance To:
Borough of Lavallette Electric
1306 Grand Central Avenue
Lavallette, NJ 08735

The Borough of Lavallette is transitioning to receiving online banking payments electronically, incorrect Payments will create posting errors. Online Banking payments are not electronic, your bank converts these payments into a paper check that must transit through the postal system. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your payment to allow enough time to be delivered by the due date. We suggest at least 7-10 days.

Payments for Different utilities must be made as separate payments, If you are paying more than one of the same bill through online banking, pay send them as two separate payments with the proper account number for each account.  Please mail payments to the utility you are paying
(Ex. Lavallette Water, Lavallette Electric, Lavallette Tax).The borough will not be responsible for interest charges on accounts with incorrect account numbers on payments.


Navigation Bullet Self Generation - Solar Panels

Solar Panels
*Import information for any customer interested in Self Generation*

Please read the Borough Ordinance concerning generating energy.
Self Generation Standards Chapter 24 Article III
Full Borough of Lavallette Online Code BookExternal Link

Customers who are interested in generating their own electricity with renewable energy sources can interconnect with the electric grid and receive bill credits for excess generation. As a municipally owned electric utility there are some differences with interconnecting to the boroughs electric grid.

Installers who have not done an install in Lavallette or homeowners interested in solar should read read the Borough Code Book on self generation to begin with. Please visit Self Generation Standards Chapter 24 Article IIIExternal Link. The Self Generation Standards explains the process for interconnecting, engineering review and metering requirements. The one change to the process that is not corrected in the ordinance is: The Borough of Lavallette Electric Department provides the dual reading meter and the cost is billed to the homeowner.

We require an escrow fee of $1500 to cover costs associated with engineering review.  After submitting the interconnect application and escrow fee the application packet is sent to the engineers office for review.

After you have read through the code regarding self generation, if you have any additional questions, please contact this office.

The Interconnection Application is available to download or also available at the Lavallette Municipal Building. Before the engineer review process can begin the borough must be in possession of the $1500 escrow fee.

Download: Borough of Lavallette Electric Utility Interconnection Application Pdf File


Navigation Bullet The Lavallette Electric Utility needs your help and cooperation

As a rate payer of Lavallette Electric how can you help?  The daily peak demand occurs between the hours of 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm on those peak days; Monday through Friday only. When it is anticipated that one of those peak days is occurring, you will receive a voice message through the Borough’s automated notification system. We asked that when you do receive this message you do what you can to reduce your energy use during that period; such as turning off or unplugging all unused fixtures, electronics or appliances or setting the temperature of your air conditioning unit to a highest comfort level possible. By doing so, you will help the utility reduce our energy costs and give us the ability to pass those savings on to you, our customers. More Information.


Navigation Bullet Energy Deregulation and Lavallette Electric "Shopping Around for Electric"

Lavallette Residents with Lavallette Electric are not eligible to "shop around" for electric prices.

Lavallette Residents with JCP&L Electric are eligible to "shop around" for electric prices.

Under New Jersey’s energy deregulation law, the supply portion of your electric or natural gas bill is separated from the delivery portion. With the supply portion open to competition, customers can shop around for the best price on their energy supplies. Their electric and natural gas distribution utilities will still deliver those supplies through their wires and pipes – and respond to emergencies, should they arise – regardless of where those supplies are purchased. For some answers to common questions, Click HereExternal Link


Navigation Bullet Utility Assistance Programs

Low Income Home Energy Assistance

Home Energy Assistance Program logo
Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
Visit The State WebsiteExternal Link or call 1-800-510-3102



Lifeline is a program that offers a $225 energy benefit to persons who meet the PAAD eligibility requirements or who receive SSI. This includes utility customers as well as tenants whose utility bills are included in their rent.

For more information about Lifeline, please call 1-800-792-9745.

For information concerning PAAD, Lifeline, HAAAD or Senior Gold call toll-free 1-800-792-9745

NJ Dept of Health

Lifeline WebsiteExternal Link
Click here for additional programs External Link
State of New Jersey Support Services for the Aged and DisabledExternal Link


NJShares municipal customer assistance program

  • Municipal electric, water and sewer customers are eligible for an annual $200 grant ($600 total).
  • Checks/wire will be sent directly to utility.
  • NJShares maintains portal for application and verifies income eligibility.

Flyer Pdf File External Link


Navigation Bullet Energy Star Appliances and Rebates

Lavallette Electric customers do not qualify for energy rebates. New Jersey Natural Gas customers may qualify through a tax you pay on your New Jersey Natural Gas bills, If you do not have New Jersey Natural Gas then you will need to check to see if you qualify for rebates offered through the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

If you're in the market to buy new energy using products, look for products with the ENERGY STAR® label! The ENERGY STAR label is the national symbol for energy efficiency and is a voluntary partnership among the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, product manufacturers, local utilities and retailers.

The ENERGY STAR label helps to identify products that are energy-efficient and, therefore, cost less toEnergy Star operate. These products include household appliances, compact fluorescent light bulbs, lighting fixtures, home electronics, office equipment, heating and cooling products, and windows.

ENERGY STAR labeled products exceed federal energy efficiency standards, typically by 13 - 20 percent. Furthermore, many ENERGY STAR labeled products such as TV's, computers and other equipment do not cost more than standard efficiency models. Some ENERGY STAR labeled products, such as heating and cooling equipment, may cost a little more but energy bill savings make up for the slightly higher upfront price, often saving 15 - 40 percent annually over standard efficiency products.

ENERGY STAR labeled products also help to protect the environment by using less energy than conventional products that cost more to operate. To find the store closest to you carrying ENERGY STAR labeled products, use the store locator or product finder feature on the ENERGY STAR website at Link